New JAR-Board

The Erasmus School of Law PhD-association “Juridische Aio-vereniging Rotterdam” (JAR) has a new board. Board of 2011-2012Chairman Aubrich Bakhuis, treasurer Susan Niessen, secretary Petra Gyongyi and general boardmember and EPAR representative Sergio Mittlaender Leme da Souza will be in charge of the JAR’s activities this academic year.

The JAR’s main objective is to make the PhD experience at the ESL as pleasant and productive as possible. As a PhD-candidate, it can be very useful to be part of a network of fellow PhD-candidates and to be able to discuss and interact in an informal setting. By organizing social activities such as the famous monthly PhD-Drinks, the yearly Happy New JAR-Dinner and the JAR Summer-Dinner the JAR facilitates social interaction and the exchange of experiences, research-tips and ideas among ESL PhD-candidates. The JAR also represents the ESL PhD-candidates by keeping close contact with the PhD-Coordinator, Dr. Elaine Mak. By having a representative in the EPAR, ESL PhD-candidates also have a voice in both the university and national PhD- associations.

Aubrich Bakhuis is a PhD-candidate at the department of Constitutional and Administrative law. His research is focused on the legal implications of the administrative and financial supervision powers of the highest administrative body of the Dutch Kingdom, especially on acts of the governments of the autonomous countries of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

Susan Niessen is a PhD-candidate at the department of Commercial Law. The topic of her research is the legal position of terminal operators within the legal framework of intermodal transport. She examines this logistic service provider’s liability exposure when taking upon himself the duties relating to transport of goods. 

Petra Gyongyi conducts PhD-research at the department of Legal Theory. Her research revolves around how to effectively operationalize judicial reforms in new liberal democracies. It aims to provide a model of common minimum standards for judicial organization in the new EU member states of Central and Eastern Europe.

Sergio Mittlaender Leme da Souza is a PhD-candidate in the European Doctorate in Law and Economics –program, a doctorate program of the ESL in cooperation with the universities of Bologna and Hamburg his research is titled: ‘Social Preferences and the Contract Law’

All Erasmus School of Law PhD-candidates are ‘automatically’ a JAR-member, to stay up to date on our activities we ask you to subscribe to the JAR-Channel on SIN-ONLINE. See you at our next activity, the PhD-Drink on November 24!!!!


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