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Participants of Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort: Relevance for Policymaking

Dr. A. Arcuri
Prof.dr. R.J. Van den Bergh
Prof.dr. W.H. van Boom
Prof.dr.ir. V.W. Buskens
Dr. P.D.N. Camesasca
Drs. P.T.M. Desmet
Prof. C. Engel
Prof.dr. M.G. Faure
Dr. R.W.M. Giard
Prof.dr. K. Heine
Prof.dr. C.J.S. Hodges
Prof.dr. N.J.H. Huls
Prof. J. Klick
Prof.Dr. X.E. Kramer

Mr. dr. drs. M. Kogelenberg
Prof.dr. S.D. Lindenbergh
Dr. S. Oded
Prof. dr. A.M. Pacces
Prof. J.J. Rachlinski
Prof.dr. N. Rickman
Prof.mr. M.W. Scheltema
Prof.dr. A. Stadler
Dr. M.L. Tuil
Dr. A.S. Vandenberghe
Prof. dr. L.T. Visscher
Prof. Dr. G. Wagner
Dr. R. Westrik

PhD students

Shilpi Bhattacharya (Erasmus Mundus)
Should Competition Law Consider the Behavioural Biases of Firms?

Alexandre Biard
Optimization of Mass Litigation in Europe and the Role of the Judge

Miriam Buiten
Regulatory Competition and Consumer Law Enforcement in Europe

Vijit Singh Chahar (Erasmus Mundus)
Addressing Agency Problems in Constitutional Law Using Insights from Corporate Governance

Claes-Henrik Claesson
Law and Economics of Prime Brokers and Collateral Management Regulation

Ignacio N. Cofone (Erasmus Mundus)
Privacy Trade-offs in Information Technology Law

Elena Demidova (Erasmus Mundus)
Takeover Regulation in Developing Economies: The Case of Russia

Goran Dominioni
Research topic title to be determined

Elena Fagotto
Risk and Food: Rethinking food regulatory regimes in Europe

Ifrah Jameel
Financial Markets Regulation

Penio Penev Gospodinov (Erasmus Mundus)
The Application of EU Competition Law to Alternative Dispute Resolution Proceedings

Kateryna Grabovets
Organisational Design and Liability Rules

Philip Hanke (Erasmus Mundus)
Law and Economics of State Aid

Monique Hazelhorst
Cross-Border Enforcement and Fundamental Principles of Civil Procedure

Claire Leger (Erasmus Mundus)
Securities Regulation – Comparative European Policies

Kleapatra Maliqi (Erasmus Mundus)
Standards of Review in Investment Arbitration – The Search for New Balances in the Interplay Between Facts Law and Interpretation

Tomasz Mielniczuk
Effective Enforcement of Cartel Formation

Sergio Mittlaender Leme de Souza
Why Do People Follow the Law, Especially Private Law?

Hossein Nabilou (Erasmus Mundus)
Hedge Funds Investment Strategies and Financial Instability: The Case for Regulation of Hedge Funds

Shaheen Naseer
Institutions and growth, with focus on competition

Alina Ontanu
Uniform European Procedures, a way to Efficient Cross-border Litigation and Enforcement? A Comparative Research

Ekaterina Pannebakker
Are intentions binding? Developing a harmonised legal approach to 'letter of intent'in international contracting

Shivans Rajput (Erasmus Mundus)
Maximum Retail Price – Analyzing its Anti-Competitive Effects

Elena Reznichenko
Empirical Analysis of Optimal Enforcement: Monetary vs. Non-Monetary Punishment

Alessandro Romano
The Role of Probability in Modern Tort Law

Erlis Themeli
Civil justice competition and choice of court in the EU

Ilja Tillema
Third Party Funding of Mass Litigation and its Influence on the Conduct of Mass Litigation

Hong Wei
The Impact of China-related WTO Cases on Chinese Trade Law and Practice

External PhD students

(EDLE with Bologna of Hamburg as home university):

Bashir Assi
Paola Bertoli
Diogo Gerhard Castro de Britto
Enmanuel Cedeno Brea
Ignacio Cofone
Marco Fabbri
Yugank Goyal
Alice Guerra
Cicek Gurkan
Tobias Hlobil
Katie Hunt
Hadar Jabotinsky
Ana Jakovljevic
Xufeng (Jess) Jia
Jaroslaw Kantorowicz
Arun Kaushik
Maximilian Kerk
Dusko Krsmanovic
Min Lin
Jingyuan (Mary) Ma
Maximiliano Marzetti
Stephan Michel
Valerijus Ostrovskis
Peng Peng
Faiz Ur Rehman
Huojun Sun
Maria Pia Sacco
Rahul Sapkal
Shuo Wang
Federico Wesselhoefft

External PhD students:

Ritchelle Alburo
Saeed Alikhani
Marco Baudino
Cintia Bezerra de Melo Pereira Nunes
Mulugeta Asefa Bogale
Etleva Gjonca
Dirk Heine
Bryan Kareem Khan
Di Liu
Daniel Pi
Filippo Roda

China Law Centre

Yuan Bo
Legal Issues of Carbon Tax: from an International and Comparative Perspective

Xiaohong Wei
Including Corporations into the Jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court

Xun (Sarah) Xiao
Director's fiduciary duty and economics - A comparative perspective

Yixin Xu
Investing Carbon Funds and Carbon Sinks Project in Developing Countries