PhD Defences 2015


24 September 2015
C.P. Briet
Title: Het Hooggerechtshof van Nederlands-Indië 1819-1848. Portret van een vergeten rechtscollege. / The Supreme Court of the Netherlands Indies 1819-1848. Portrait of a forgotten court of law.
Supervisor: Prof.Mr. L.C. Winkel



17 September 2015
N.T. Ali
Title: Dynamism and the Erosion of Procedural Safeguards in International Governance of Terrorism.
Supervisor: Prof.Dr. E. Hey
Co-supervisor: Dr. J. Handmaker



26 June 2015
W. Pei
Title: Criminal Procedural Agreements in China and England and Wales.
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. Y. Li and Prof.Mr. F.W. Bleichrodt



26 June 2015
Y. Ma
Title: Resolving Conflicts between Conservation and Recreation in Protected Areas: a comparative legal analysis of the United States and China.
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. Y. Li and Prof.Dr. R. de Lange



12 June 2015
Mr. A.G. Mein
Title: De boete uit balans
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. H.G. van de Bunt and Prof.Mr. L.J.J. Rogier
Co-supervisor: Dr. J.G. van Erp



4 June 2015
E. Reznichenko
Title: Law and Economics of Cost-Effective Criminal Enforcement.
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. M.G. Faure and Prof.Dr. P.A.M. Mevis



4 June 2015
J. Kantorowicz

Title: Fiscal Constitutions: An Empirical Approach
Supervisor: Prof.Dr. A.M. Pacces and Prof.Dr. S. Voigt


19 March 2015
E. Fagotto
Title: Industry Food Safety Standards: Public and Private Interest in Food Safety.

Supervisor: Prof.Dr. M.G. Faure



19 March 2015
A. Kaushik
Title: A Law and Economics Analysis of Trade Secrets: Optimal Scope of Law, Misappropriation and Alternative Damages Regimes.
Supervisor: Prof.Mr.Dr. L.T. Visscher and Prof.Dr. L.A. Franzoni


19 March 2015
A. Jakovljevic
Title: Fighting Corruption with Pyramids: A Law and Economics Approach to Combatting Corruption in Post-Socialist Countries?
Supervisor: Prof.Dr. K. Heine


Cum Laude
15 January 2015
M.F. de Wilde
Title: 'Sharing the Pie'; Taxing multinationals in a global market
Supervisor: Prof.Dr. A.J.A. Stevens