22 December 2016

E.S. Ivanova Pannebakker

Title: Letter of intent in international contracting

Supervisors: Prof.mr.dr. X.E. Kramer and Prof.mr. S.D. Lindenbergh



8 December 2016
Mr. E. van Vliet
Title: Commissies van beroep in het bijzondere onderwijs

Supervisors: Prof.mr.dr. A.R. Houweling and Prof.mr. C.J. Loonstra



18 November 2016

E.M. Moerman LLM MSc

Title: Inburgeren in de opsporing. Over de juridische positie van de burger in de opsporing van strafbare feiten.

Supervisor: Prof.mr. F.W. Bleichrodt



13 October 2016
mr. M.I. Hazelhorst

Title: Free movement of civil judgments in the European Union and the right to a fair trial.
Supervisors: Prof.mr.dr. X.E. Kramer and Prof.dr. K.A.M. Henrard



13 October 2016
mr. R. Sapkal
Title: How Law and Law Enforcement Affect Labour Markets in Developing Countries: An empirical study.
Supervisors: Prof.dr. M.G. Faure and Prof.dr. H.B. Schaefer



22 September 2016
mr. J. Rodriguez Diez
Title: Potestas alienandi, Transfer of ownership by a non-owner from Roman Law to the DCFR
Supervisors: Prof.mr. L.C. Winkel and Prof.dr.mr. T. Wallinga



16 June 2016

S. Bhattacharya

Title: Competition Law and the Bounded Rationality of Firms

Supervisors: Prof.Dr. R.J. Van den Bergh and Prof.Dr. S. Oded



16 June 2016

Y. Goyal
Title: Institutions in Informal Markets.

Supervisors: Prof.Dr. K. Heine and Prof.Dr. H.-B. Schaefer



18 March 2016
R.A. Roks
Title: In de h200d. Een eigentijdse etnografie over de inbedding van criminaliteit en identiteit.
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. R.H.J.M. Staring and Prof.Dr. R. van Swaaningen



10 March 2016
D.N. Ratsiborinskaya
Title: Evaluating the Application of EU Environmental Standards In European Public Banks' Investment Projects in Third Countries: Towards Legal Environmental Indicators.
Supervisors: Prof.Dr. F. Amtenbrink
Co-Supervisor: W.Th. Douman



4 March 2016
N.T. Arnoldussen
Title: Dust in the Engine - The Social Construction of the Air Quality Clash.
Supervisor: Prof.Mr. N.J.H. Huls
Co-Supervisor: Dr. R. Pieterman