Prizes and grants

The Erasmus School of Law employs many researchers who are among the best in their respective fields, at both a national and international level. This Hall of Fame lists in chronologicol order the top researchers who have received prestigious awards, grants, and prizes for scientific achievements during their time at the Erasmus School of Law.  

Prof. dr. Jan Peter Balkenende

Former prime minister of the Netherlands, receives an Honorary Degree from Hope College, Holland, Michigan (USA).

Prof. Balkenende is being honored in recognition of his distinguished service to the Kingdom of the Netherlands and for his emphasis on Christian principles as a component of good government.

Prof. dr. Laurens Winkel

Receives the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Laws of the University of Edinburgh (Scotland).

The Senatus Academicus of the University of Edinburgh awards Prof. Winkel the Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws in recognition of his eminence in the study of legal history.

dr. mr. M.J.F. van der Wolf

NWO Veni Laureate 2012
Research: "TBS to the test: Towards standards for legally and empirically legitimate indeterminate sentencing of dangerous offenders".

Toptalent PhD Stipend ESL 2007
Visiting researcher Canada & Sweden

dr. F.A.N.J. Goudappel

Jean Monnet Chair European Trade Law in the Overseas Territories 2012

prof.dr. K. Heine

Jean Monnet Chair of Economic Analysis of European Law 2012

prof. dr. mr. R. van Swaaningen

NWO Research Talent 2012; drs. C.A. Meerts
Research:'Corporate security and private settlement: when cooperation with law enforcement is the exception'.

mr. A. Bouabid

Mosaic Laureate 2011
Research: "Devils and saints. Coping strategies of Moroccan male adolescents in the Netherlands and Belgium with their media representation"
Supervisors: prof. dr. R. van Swaaningen & prof. dr. R. Staring.

prof. mr. H. Vletter-Van Dort (main applicant)

(co-applicant prof. mr. M.J. Kroeze)

NWO Open Competition 2011

Research:"Financial incentives for shareholders: A corporate law & economics and corporate constitutional perspective"

prof. dr. M.G. Faure LL.M.

KNAW-member 2011

dr. mr. M. Ambrus

(together with dr. M. Busstra)

Winner ESL PhD Prize 2010
Enforcement Mechanisms of the Racial Equality Directive and Minority Protection: Theory and Four case Studies.
Prom./coprom.: Prof.Dr. K.A.M. Henrard & Prof.Mr. R. de Lange

mr. dr. drs. J.D. Temperman

EUR-Fellowship 2010


dr. mr. X. Kramer

NWO Vidi Laureate 2010
Research:'Securing Quality in Cross-Border Enforcement: Towards European Principles of Civil Procedure?'

EUR-Fellowship 2004

Prof. dr. P.C. Spierenburg

NWO-Internationalisation in the Humanities 2010
Research: 'The global trajectory of murder and genocide'



D.N. Ratsiboranskaya LLM

Mosaic Laureate 2010
Research: Standards across borders: phantom or reality?
Supervisors: prof. dr. F. Amtenbrink (EUR) & prof. dr. M. Entin (MGIMO-University Moscow).

A.O. Makinwa-Falase LLM

HiiL Law of the Future Young Talent Award 2010
Female PhD Stipend ESL 2008


mr. drs. A.C.W. Pijls

Toptalent Stipend PhD 2010
Visiting Scholar at Columbia University, New York, USA

dr. mr.  E. Mak

Thesis prize European Group of Public Law 2009
Research Prize Erasmus University Rotterdam 2008

NWO Veni Laureate 2008
Research: De rechtspraak en globalisering

Toptalent Stipend ESL 2007

prof. dr. mr. W. van der Burg and dr E.M. Galenkamp

NWO Conflict & Security 2009
Research: Reconstructing Political Philosophy and Legal Doctrine: Doing Justice to Dynamics and Hybrid Identifications.


prof. H. van de Bunt, dr. R. Staring, and
prof. R. van Swaaningen

NWO Conflict & Security 2009
Research: The embeddedness of criminal networks in local ethnic communities: a source of (ethnic) conflict?

S. Oded LLM

Toptalent Stipend PhD 2009
Visiting researcher at UC Berkeley, USA

prof. mr. M.J. Kroeze (main applicant)

(co-applicants prof. mr. S.D. Lindenbergh and prof. mr. H. Vletter-Van Dort)

NWO Open Competition 2008
Research: Causation with respect to liability for misleading information towards investors

prof. dr. F. J. M. de Ly

NWO Open Competition 2008
Research: Tortious interference with contract: From Netherlands and Common law towards a Common Core

prof. dr. F.  Amtenbrink

(together with prof. mr. M. Wissink and Prof. M.Hertogh (University of Groningen)

Hague Institute for the Internationalisation of Law (HiiL) Open Application Round 2007
Research: National Courts as European Community Courts: The Functioning of National Courts as Decentralized Community Courts: Community Law’s Expectations vs. the Knowledge, Experiences and Attitudes of National Judges

mr. A. Momirov

Toptalent Phd Stipend ESL 2007
Visiting researcher Kosovo

prof. mr.  R.V. De Mulder MBA

Co-applicant FP 6
Research: Eyewitness memory

dr. A. Arcuri

EUR Fellowship 2006
Research: The Global Governance of Risks and the World Trade Organization

dr. J.G. van Erp

NWO VENI Laureate 2005
Research: Do words kill faster than bullets? Reputational sanctions as an instrument to promote regulatory compliance.

prof. mr. N.J.H. Huls

NWO Replacement Grant 2005
Research: The rule of law in a rich western society. An introduction in socio-legal studies


prof. mr. W. H. van Boom

NWO Replacement Grant 2005
Research: Health, safety and organisational design in European tort law

prof. dr. K.A.M. Henrard LL.M.

NWO VIDI Laureate 2004

Research: De rassendiscriminatie-richtlijn en minderheidsbescherming
Young member KNAW