Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and tips

How can I access my email and calender?

In the new e-mail and calendar environment you access your e-mails en appointments both at work and at home or on different mobile devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Android or BlackBerry smart phone.
The settings you need to accomplish this can be found on this webpage.

How can I use phone, tablet or other mobile device?

  • Please make a full copy of your mobile device. If anything should go wrong you can always recover from your backup.
  • After the migration, you don't use SyncML anymore. You can find the settings for your mobile device here.

How can I set an auto-reply?

Click HERE.

How can I set a forward?

Click HERE.

Using the Address Book in Outlook

Transferring your old Thunderbird Address books

There is a manual available to help you transfer the address books to Outlook.

Global Address List

In your Outlook client you will find an address list of all the staff members of Erasmus University. This address list is called the Global Address List (GAL).

Only surnames

In the Global Address List staff members are only mentioned by surname. First names are not shown. If you want to look up a staff member in the GAL type the first letters of the surname and you will find the e-mail address.

Search recipient names

If you want to send an e-mail to a staff member, the name or address will not appear automatically in the recipient bar while typing. You can look up the name of the recipient by typing three or four letters of the surname and click "Check Names" in the menu bar. Then select the person you want to send an e-mail to.

Can data get lost in the migration?

We handle your data with the utmost care. All data that is on the server at the time of the migration will be migrated to the new Exchange servers.

Appointments (Calendar)

Will all my appointments in Oracle Calendar be moved?

Yes, but you have to check the following:

  • If you have made exceptions to a recurring appointment, it is possible that these exceptions have not been migrated. You will have to check and change these items yourself. This page provides a short description how to do this.
  • Cancelled appointments can resurface. If you encounter this, please cancel the appoinment again. A short description how to do this is given here.

Is the address book of the Oracle Calendar migrated?

Yes, but the full name will be truncated to 15 characters. You have to check this after the migration.

Are the access rights migrated?

No, you will have to do do this yourself. Check the manual HERE.

Other questions

How can I purchase MS Outlook 2010 for home use?

MS Outlook 2010 is part of MS Office 2010. As a EUR employee you can purchase the software at a reduced price from For more information please visit

Where can I find manuals?

Click HERE for the reader (MS Office 2010), Dutch only

Click HERE for te Quick Reference Card (MS Office 2010), Dutch only

How do I organize general e-mail addresses or shared e-mailboxes?

Click HERE for the options.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions you can contact the LIA helpdesk. Please keep in mind that the helpdesk might be extra busy after the migration. We will try our very best to solve any problems as quickly en accuratly as possible.

The availability of the LIA Helpdesk is as follows:

Staff Members Sanders Building:
On working days
in room L5-53
phone: 010-4082555

Staff Members J-Building:
tuesday, wednesday and thursday from 09:00 to 17:00
in room J7-05
phone: 010-4089058
On monday 20th of february, there will be a Helpdesk assistant available in the J-Building