The organization of e-mail addresses that need forwarding in MS Exchange is different than before.

At the moment the next options are available to organize such a function (again):
  • Shared folder in the addressbook en which an 'Address Group' can be made.
  • Manageable by yourself / set rights per user
  • Very flexible
  • Only useful to persons that use the EUR MS Outlook / MS Exchange. This is not an e-mail address!
  • E-mailaddress in SIN-online (channel with one or more registration-objects)
  • Manageable by yourself
  • Very flexible
  • You can choose your own e-mail addresss, but it always ends with ""
  • Shared mailbox in MS Outlook
  • E-mail address & mailbox in MS Outlook
  • Forwarding via Outlook Web Access manageable
  • Only option for  / / addresses if the e-mail should be forwarded to external e-mail addresses (i.e.
  • If you want to send an e-mail on behalf of the shared e-mailbox (i.e. on behalf of, it is necessary that the e-mail address is visible in the Global Address List. Owners of the e-mailbox can send a message on behalf of the shared e-mailbox, EUR-users can find the e-mail address in the GAL.
  • Per user a maximum of 6 shared mailboxes is possible, otherwise MS Outlook will perform very slow.
  • Distribution list; e-mail address that can only be forwarded to EUR-employees
  • Manageable by LIA Helpdesk
  • Can only be used for forwarding to EUR-addresses