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NWO Call Research Talent (deadline 12-9-2012)

Research Talent offers talented upcoming researchers, with a Dutch research master, the opportunity to fulfil their ambitions of pursuing their scientific careers with a three-year PhD research project. Proposals for Research Talent are submitted through full professors, associate professors or assistant professors within social and behavioural sciences.

!! For the MaGW (sub)disciplines Psychometrics, Criminal law and criminology, Pedagogics and Environmental sciences no research master"s programmes are available in The Netherlands yet. The following applies for this subsidy round only.
When for the proposed research a study background in these (sub)disciplines is needed the candidate must be completing a to a research master"s comparable study programme within the near future, or must have recently completed one - so that he/she has graduated at the time of the appointment. A to a research master"s comparable study programme is defined as a Dutch master"s programme supplemented by sufficient research-related international knowledge and experience (for example a second master"s at a renowned university abroad) or a Dutch master"s programme supplemented by a research-oriented honours programme with at least 30 ECTS. .

Who can apply
Applications are submitted by one applicant, namely a professor an associate professor or an assistant professor. The candidate PhD student is mentioned in the application.

What can be applied for
Staff costs: three years fulltime for a PhD student;
Material costs up to a maximum of €10,000.

Candidates who already hold a position as PhD student are not eligible.

When can be applied
Closing date for submitting applications: 12 September 2012 at 23:59 hrs

Extra Information
For detailed information on conditions and procedures, please contact Nathalie Weber (weber@law.eur.nl) or visit the NWO website

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