The Netherlands House for Education and Research (Neth-ER) is an informal representative in Brussels, to increase the visibility of Dutch institutions in the field of education, research and innovation on the European level. Neth-ER is an international association of Dutch organisations. 

Its activities are:

  1. to inform: disseminating relevant, reliable and timely information (both official and informal) to the participating organisations;
  2. to represent: playing an active role on behalf of the associated organisations in the EU and in the wider Brussels networks;
  3. to network: developing and maintaining European and international contacts to support a strong Netherlands presence;
  4. to mediate: establishing contacts and opening up communication channels between the relevant Dutch parties within the fields of research, innovation and education in order to promote well co-ordinated positioning;
  5. to explore: scouting and analysing developments, initiatives and opportunities which might offer new possibilities for Dutch organisations and institutes;
  6. to facilitate: supporting associated organisations and their members in various ways by providing meeting and office facilities and organising expert sessions.

The EUR has a working facility at Neth-ER, at the Aarlenstraat 22 in Brussels, Belgium. If you wish to utilize this facility or if you have other questions, you can contact Nathalie Weber, email:
The address of the Neth-ER website is: