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Horizon 2020

Its size and scope are still under discussion, but at least the next 7-year installment of Europe's massive research and innovation program has a name. The European Commission has announced that the successor to Framework Programme 7 (FP7), slated to start in 2014, will be called Horizon 2020.

The EC see the new name as a step towards establishing research innovation at the heart of EU policy making and they hope it will help research connect with the wider public. The year ”2020” is meant to show how the framework programme supports the research and innovation objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy, (which is the EU’s growth strategy for the coming decade, with aims such as smart, sustainable, and inclusive growth).



FP 7 Socio-economic Sciences and Humanities 2011-2013

This thematic priority is concerned with the non-technological challenges Europe is facing, such as competitivity, migration or participation.

The objective of the SSH Work Programme as such is to gain a better understanding of the complex challenges facing Europe as well as to provide for more informed European policy decisions. The SSH Roadmap 2011-2013 gives you an idea of the problems the EC wants to solve in the remaining years of FP7.

FP 7 Security Workprogramme 2012

Key Objectives:
1.Develop technologies & knowledge to ensure the security of EU citizens from terrorism, crime, natural disasters & industrial accidents
2.Improve competitiveness of EU security industry
3.Stimulate co-operation between users and providers
4 Main Security Missions:

-Security of citizens
-Security of Infrastructures & utilities
-Intelligent surveillance & border controls
-Restoring security & safety in case of crisis
3 Cross Cutting Security Themes:
-Security systems integration, interconnectivity & interoperability
-Security & Society
-Security research co-ordination & structuring


The  FP7 Security Call will be published on 20 July 2011 and new features to be included in the 2012 Work Programme are:

  • a new aspect of the 2012 Security Work Programme is the inclusion of pilot funding for Pre Operational Validation;
  • an open topic for SMEs (small medium sized enterprizes)has been included in the 2012 Work Programme: SEC.2012.7.2-1 “Advancing contemporary laboratory forensic methods & equipment”. Under this topic at least 50% of the EC funding needs to go to SMEs;


Open for application

Click on this site of CORDIS( the authoritative point of access to FP7 calls for proposals) to check the subsidies which are open for application at the moment in the EU.

Click on this site to check the subsidies which are open for application at this moment by ESF.

NWO strategy 2011-2014

In the strategy for 2011-2014,NWO will  invest in talent and societally-inspired themes and it will place greater emphasis on knowledge utilisation. The themes for 2011-2014 are:

-Healthy living
-Water and climate,
-Cultural encounters: challenges of complex societies
-Sustainable energy
-Connecting sustainable cities
-Materials: solutions for scarcity.


Open for application

Click on this site to check the subsidies which are open for application at this moment by NWO.


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News and Funding Service Research Professional available (for free) for Erasmus University Rotterdam.




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NIAS Fellowship


Information meeting NWO veni vidi vici

02-9& 13-10-2011

NWO Urban regions in the delta


NWO Sustainable accessibility randstad




Canon Research Fellowship


ESF Conference call


Research talent (NWO)




NWO Kennis voor krachtige steden


FP 7 Security (5thcall)


ERC Starting Grant


Fullbright scholarship



 January 2012



Socio Economic Sciences and Humanities


FP 7 Science in Society



 March 2012

ERC Advanced Grant







*ESL Grants Workshop 25 August 2011
This workshop is open to candidates who submit a grant proposal (working draft) in accordance with the proposal format (NWO, ERC) before 18 August to Nathalie Weber (e-mail:

Workshop leaders:prof. dr. W. van der Burg and prof. dr. S. Taekema
Date: 25 August 2011 (from 10.00 until 15.00hrs, location: to be announced)

To register, please send an email to Nathalie Weber (tel nr. 82364, e-mail:


Awards and Prizes

prof. mr. H. Vletter- Van Dort (main applicant)
Prof. mr. M.J. Kroeze (co-applicant)

NWO Open competion 2010, round 2
Research: "Financial incentives for shareholders: A corporate law & economics and corporate constitutional perspective.

The Hall of Fame lists the top researchers who have received prestigious awards, grants, and prizes for their scientific achievements during their time at the Erasmus School of Law. 



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