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Horizon 2020

Horizon 2020 is the new European funding program for research and innovation. It can be seen as the successor of existing research and innovation funding, such as the Seventh Framework Programme, CIP and EIT. With a proposed budget of € 80 billion Horizon 2020 should make it easier for researchers and institutions to obtain funding and to bring good ideas to the market.




30 November 2011

Proposal European Commission on Horizon 2020

31 May 2012

Partial general approach Competitiveness council

26-27 June 2012

Deadline amendments ITRE

End of July 2012

All amendments will be published in English on the ITRE Committee website

Summer 2012

Translation of the documents in all European languages and internal preparations on the compromise amendments

17-18 September 2012

First consideration of amendments

8-9 October 2012

Second consideration (if needed)

28 November 2012

Voting in ITRE Committee

November-December 2012

Plenary vote

January 2014

Start Horizon 2020

Information on the FP 7 programme (2007-2013)

Why Participate in FP7

Perhaps you would like to
Finance a given project? Keep researchers in your institute or hire new ones?  Improve your international network? Strengthen interdisciplinary collaboration? Widen your field of expertise or open new areas of research? Contribute to the ‘Project Europe’?
Whatever your expectations may be... they need to match those of the European Commission!

Where to find funding

The Seventh Framework Programme is the European Union's main instrument for research funding. It directs more than 50 billion Euros over 7 years (2007-2013) for research, technological development and demonstration activities. The remainder of the research is funded by public and private sources in the individual countries.

The Seventh Framework Programme (FP 7) is based on five specific programmes:

  • Cooperation - fostering collaboration between industry and academia to gain leadership in key technology areas.
  • Ideas - supporting basic research at the scientific frontiers (implemented by the European Research Council).
  • People - supporting mobility and career development for researchers both within and outside Europe.
  • Capacities - helping develop the capacities that Europe needs to be a thriving knowledge-based economy.
  • Euratom - All specific programmes work together to promote and encourage the creation of European poles of (scientific) excellence.

FP7 budget (€ 50 521 million, current prices)

€ million
























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