Support & Contact

The ESL Grants Office is part of the ESL Services.

Point of Contact:
ESL Grants Adviser, mr N.L.G.H. (Nathalie) Weber
Room: L 5-10, Tel: 82364


Financial Adviser, drs P.H.W (Paul) Blok

Communication Advisor, A.R. (Arnoud) Houweling

ESL researchers can contact the Grants Office with regard to the following:

  • questions regarding specific funding schemes or programmes both national and international;
  • reading through the exact procedures and administrative requests relating to a specific call for proposals;
  • custom-made funding searches based on your own research agenda;
  • advice on the Erasmus School of Law submission procedures;
  • practical assistance with filling out administrative forms and meeting legal requirements in funding application (in close cooperation with the EUR information desk on funding opportunities);
  • reviewing applications with respect to sponsor guidelines;
  • assistance with the preparation of budgets (in close cooperation with the financial adviser);
  • liaison with Legal Services when a formal legal review of agreements is required;
  • setting up a proper project management structure that meets the requirements of the funding authority;
  • information on funding schemes and approaching deadlines by means of a newsletter published every two months;
  • organising practical workshops to faciltate a clearer insight into the ins and outs of a specific funding scheme;
  • any information regarding the submission of draft proposals to an internal review committee.

ESL supporting programme

ESL provides assistance to researchers taking part in NWO and ERC grant programmes.

For more information about ESL procedure click here. (pdf)