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Dr. M. Ambrus

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Rethinking the Rule of Law in an Era of Globalisation, Privatisation and Multiculturalisation
Role Researcher
Decrypting the public power paradigm in denationalising and privatising legal orders
Role Researcher


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  • Ambrus, M. (2013). Through the Looking Glass of Global Constitutionalism and Global Administrative Law - Different Stories about the Crisis in Global Water Governance. Erasmus Law Review, 6(1), 32-49.
  • Ambrus, M. (2013). The European Court of Human Rights and the Standards of Proof in Religion Cases. Religion & Human Rights: An International Journal, 8(2), 107-137.
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  • Ambrus, M. (2007). A bizonyítási teher megosztása a diszkriminációs panaszok elbírálásakor (Allocation of the burden of proof in discrimination cases, in Hungarian). Fundamentum, 2007(2), 78-86.
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  • Ambrus, M. (periode: 2010 t/m 2012). Managing Editor Position at: Netherlands Yearbook of International Law.
  • Ambrus, M. (2012 mei 31). Precaution ? Twenty years later
  • Ambrus, M. (2012). Book review: Aida Torres Pérez: Conflicts of Rights in the European Union [Bespreking van het boek Aida Torres Pérez: Conflicts of Rights in the European Union]. Tijdschrift voor Constitutioneel Recht, 3(3), 337-341.
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  • Ambrus, M. (2012, maart 28). The Relevance of Global Governance Considerations for Integrated Water Resources Management. The Example of Managing the Danube River. Reduit, Mauritius, Scientific Conference of the NASAC-KNAW Collaboration Initiative on Water Management Issues in Africa.
  • Ambrus, M. (2011, mei 24). Genocide and Discrimination: Some lessons to be learnt from discrimination law? Hofstra Law School, Hempstead, United States, EACLE Research Conference; Transnational Criminal Law and Procedure.
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