2nd International Tax Seminar on Special Tax Zones

Dinsdag, 11 april 2017, 8:30
Dinsdag, 11 april 2017, 18:30
Campus Woudestein / Erasmus Pavilion

Erasmus School of Law (ESL) and International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD) organise the '2nd International Seminar on Special Tax Zones' (in English) on Tuesday, 11 April 2017 from 9.00 – 18.30 hrs on the campus of the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Special Tax Zones 
The concept Special Tax Zones (STZ) applies to areas where tax regulations are more beneficial than in the generally applicable tax system of the surrounding jurisdiction or country. STZ may be free trade zones (FTZ) within a given economic development zone, such as the FTZ within Madeira’s special regime, or the FTZs within the numerous economic development zones in China, they may also be called enterprise zones, free economic zones, free zones, tax-free zones, or similar. STZs provide various tax incentives such as but not limited to no or low corporate income tax (CIT) rates, value added tax (VAT) rates or exemptions or low excise tax rates or suspensions, tax holidays, accelerated depreciation, and incentives for research and development, often for a delimited period of time.

IBFD STZ-project 
IBFD’s collaborative research project on STZs involves 11 universities and research institutions across 6 continents. The first International Tax Seminar on Special Tax Zones was hosted by Vigo’s Free Trade Zone and the University of Vigo in April 2016. ESL/IBFD will host the second seminar on 11 April 2017. The first output of the project, an in-depth research paper on STZs, will be published in due course. The topical studies to be presented in Rotterdam will be developed into a second project publication. The programme of the seminar is included in the brochure.

2nd International Seminar on Special Tax Zones 
We are pleased to invite people from the Netherlands and abroad with an academic background and interest in (international) tax law. The seminar is free of charge and participants are eligible for Permanent Education (PE) points. Regarding the eligibility for the PE points for this seminar, we will charge a small fee for the administrative processing (€50). More details will be provided in our confirmation mail. To register for the seminar please click on this link. If you want to make use of overnight stays, we would recommend Hampshire Hotel - Savoy Rotterdam**** as they offer a special discount. More information can be found in the brochure.

Please feel free to distribute the brochure to other people interested in this topical, exciting and unexplored field of tax law. For both practical matters concerning the STZ seminar and substantive questions related to the STZ seminar, please contact both the Coordinator of the STZ seminar, Martijn Schippers (schippers@law.eur.nl) and IBFD's Project Manager, Antti Laukkanen (a.laukkanen@ibfd.org). 

We look forward to welcoming you on Tuesday, 11 April 2017! 

Kind regards,

Prof. Ton Stevens
Director of the STZ-seminar

Martijn Schippers
Coordinator of the STZ-seminar 

Publicatiedatum: 16 januari 2017