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Erasmus LL.M. newsletter
Issue 1-2010
Erasmus School of Law - Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

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  • Empirical Legal Studies Lecture series by Prof Klick (UPenn)
  • Student Testimonial
  • Education Fair Beijing
  • Application Deadline
  • Education Award
  • Rotterdam Architecture
  • Right Movie Night

Empirical Legal Studies Lecture Series by Prof Klick (UPenn)

Jonathan Klick (1975), Professor of Law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, has been appointed part-time Erasmus Chair of Empirical Legal Studies at Erasmus School of Law. Prof. Klick is both a lawyer and economist and he specializes in empirical law and economics.

Next to joining the Erasmus School of Law interdisciplinary research team “Behavioural approaches to contract and tort” to pursue new strands of empirical research into areas such as corporate governance and tort law, Professor Klick recently held a series of lectures on Empirical Legal Studies for anyone interested.

Legal scholarship has grown increasingly empirical with researchers attempting to test legal theories that had previously been based on anecdotes or intuitions. Taking a cue from modern micro-econometrics, economists working in empirical legal studies have focused primary attention on the issue of causality. Because we generally cannot run controlled experiments in legal and policy contexts, a number of issues arise with respect to causal inference. These lectures will highlight strategies used in empirical law and economics to isolate how legal and regulatory changes affect individual behaviour.

Student Testimonial

Lucas Chrencik (University of Baltimore) about his experience at Erasmus School of Law:
“The experience was absolutely wonderful and I have returned to the United States both a better student and a more mature person. The experience was an excellent one for many reasons. 

First, Holland is an excellent place to go for someone who speaks only English. It seemed as if the entire country was fluent in English, which enabled me to get around quite easily. Rotterdam was also a wonderful place.  

The Dutch custom of bike riding was a wonderful tradition to take part in. I rode by bicycle to school everyday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Rotterdam is especially well planned for bike riders and this was much appreciated by someone, like me, who was not that experienced riding bikes in an urban environment.


The position of Holland, and Rotterdam more specifically, made it a great place for those who wanted to see much of Europe. While also getting to see much of the Netherlands, we were also able to see many places in Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg as well. 

Additionally, being able to take classes in English helped me better my understanding of European legal systems without being too lost in a foreign language. The classes in which I was enrolled were very interesting and were taught by very qualified professors. They were very knowledgeable and really helped me understand a legal system that I did not have much experience with. The most interesting class I took was Comparative Constitutional Law which gave a new understanding of how many governments in Europe are structured. The entire experience was one that I will look back at with great appreciation throughout my life.”



ESL represented at Education Fair Beijing

Erasmus School of Law will be represented at the China International Higher Education Exhibition Fair in Beijing on 13 and 14 March (World Trade Centre). Here’s your chance to talk to an Erasmus University representative and an Erasmus School of Law alumna!

Application Deadline

Please note that the application deadline is coming nearer: 1 May 2010. Make sure that we receive your application on time. However, applications received after this deadline will also be considered, but please keep in mind that you (and us) will need to arrange many practical issues such as visa and housing and this might take some time.

Education Award

Recently one of our Commercial Law courses won the Erasmus School of Law Mastercourse Award: Intellectual Property Rights. Last year Corporate Governance, also part of the Commercial Law curriculum won this award. The awards are given to the courses that score best in the student course evaluation survey.


Rotterdam Architecture

Rotterdam is the architectural capital of the Netherlands with the Euromast and Erasmus Bridge as characteristic landmarks

But next to the modern skyline and buildings (Maastoren 165 mtrs highest building in the Netherlands, the Montevideo tower – highest apartment block in the Netherlands and cubic houses), Rotterdam also hosts some of the classic buildings such as: Groothandelsgebouw and the St Laurens Church and Hotel New York:

The A-building (with the Aula and Senate Hall) of Erasmus University Rotterdam has been apponited Municipal Monument in 2006.


Right Movie Night

Erasmus School of Law has its own movie series: The Right Movie night. Every month a legal movie will be shown and introduced by an expert in that particular field. On 15 February Hotel Rwanda will be shown in Cinerama movie theatre: The true-life story of Paul Rusesabagina, a hotel manager who housed over a thousand Tutsi refugees during their struggle against the Hutu militia in Rwanda. This movie will be introduced by mr. A.B.G.T. von Bóné, lawyer.