Our alumni

Read the stories of our alumni and get inspired:

Turkan Ertuna

Organization: European Parliament
Function: Policy Advisor on Foreign Affairs

The IEPL LL.M. of Erasmus School of Law contributed to my professional life which includes a wide range of experiences. I am currently working as a policy advisor on foreign affairs for a member of the European Parliament. After completing my LL.M., I worked in the Ankara office of an American law firm, where I mainly worked on competition law cases. Afterwards I completed a Ph.D. on European Law at Erasmus School of Law. Having jumped from legal practice to academia to a European Institution, I have never had difficulties in adapting. From my own experience, I can say that the IEPL LL.M. prepares you for a wide range of career opportunities.

Fresa Yuriza Litanto

Organization: Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board 

Function: Analyst for ASEAN Regional Investment Cooperation

My job as government official is dealing with regional investment cooperation between Indonesia in the Association of Southeast Asia Nations (ASEAN) and other countries. In a sense, ASEAN is similar to the concept of EU but on a whole different level. My task involves preparing Indonesia’s negotiation paper in the diplomacy process and attending the negotiation. Thus, after gaining a highly demanding experience in Holland I am able to perform challenging tasks very efficient. In addition, the intensive learning and studying process in ESL has developed the way I approach and solve problems. 
Because Rotterdam itself is an “international” community, I was able to adapt to a lot of cultures as my friends came from different continents and backgrounds. Furthermore, Dutch people in Rotterdam themselves are pretty helpful with international students so I can say that I did not experience any significant hardships while living the student life there. 

Ata Vahdatzade

Organization: Ministry of Economic Affairs
Function: Policy Advisor 

I am currently working at the international and European section of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in The Hague. My tasks include resolving problems individuals and businesses encounter when exercising their EU-rights in the European internal market, analysing policies and advising the minister.  Apart from offering me quality education and a deep knowledge of the European law, the International and European Public Law programme has allowed me to get familiar with a variety of different cultures and backgrounds. My fellow students were from all over the world. Therefore the transition from studying to an international position at the ministry went very smooth. Finally I would like to emphasize that the IEPL staff is very helpful and their door is always open.

Sascha Grievink

Organization: Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment
trainee legal department (European Law)

"After I graduated from the LL.M. programme International and European Public Law in the summer of 2013, I started a special education programme at The Academy for Government Lawyers. This is the training institution for legal professions within the Dutch central government. As a trainee I am now attached to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, in the Netherlands. For my work I use the writing skills that I developed during the programme IEPL on a very regular basis! It’s also very interesting that in this job I really deal with topics that were discussed during the master, like questions relating to the internal market or the external competences of the EU. I would definitely recommend this master since it is very challenging and because you can choose your own focus; International or European law."

Marc Dressler

Organization: Inspective
Function: Science writer

After finishing IEPL at the Erasmus Law School I returned to working freelance for science magazines. Outstanding with IEPL are in my opinion two assets: First, the truly international environment – I enjoyed collaborating with students from all over the world with fascinatingly diverse cultural backgrounds. And second, the really excellent stuff that is both critical and encouraging (I started pretty low but finally graduated quite well). The comprehensive and well-structured outline of the courses plus the extra-curricular activities makes IEPL at Rotterdam an irresistible choice.

Tamar Sarjveladze

Function: Legal Assistant

“Why I chose this particular programme? I am very thankful to my friend, an Erasmus Alumni himself, who advised me to apply for this programme. “It is not a boring academic style of teaching” he said and added “you will love the Rule of Law class”.
I will repeat his arguments and add that, indeed, this is the master programme with a very innovative approach that prepares you for the real legal work, because all the lectures are interactive; discussions on the relevant topics are highly encouraged; and last but not least, you always get feedback on your written assignments.

This LL.M. will change your views about studying law and you will definitely love the Rule of Law class!”