Programme Coordinator



Alessandra Arcuri is Associate Professor at the Department of International and European Union Law, Erasmus School of Law.

Dr. Arcuri holds a law degree from La Sapienza University, Rome (cum laude), an LL.M. from Utrecht University (Honourable mention) and a Ph.D. from the Erasmus School of Law (Governing the risks of ultra-hazardous activities: challenges for contemporary legal systems).

Global governance of risks

Dr. Arcuri has held prestigious positions in various international academic institutions, including the European University Institute (Jean Monnet Fellow), New York University (Hauser Global Research Fellow), Hamburg University (Marie Curie). Her research focuses on the global governance of risks and the intersection of international economic law and risk regulation. She has published extensively in the field of risk law, international economic law and law and economics. Arcuri is a member of the Research Programme ‘Rethinking the Rule of Law in an Era of Globalisation, Privatisation, and Multiculturalisation’.

International orientation

Besides teaching regularly at the Erasmus School of Law (International Economic Law, Advanced Public International Law, Economics of Public Law), Dr. Arcuri has taught courses in several universities, including at the Department of Law of the European University Institute (EUI), Florence, Italy, at the International Institute for Industrial Environmental Economics, Lund University, Sweden, at the African Universities in Lomé, Togo, at the Luiss Guido Carli University, Rome, and at the University of Siena, Italy.