The 2016-2017 programme consists of six compulsory courses and a Master Thesis divided over five terms.




block 1

block 2

block 3

block 4

block 5 


Research and Writing Skills

 15 ects






Globalization and Multidimensional Legal Orders


10 ects





Specialisation European Union Law:
Law and Policy of European Integration       



10 ects




Specialisation International Law:
International Law and Global Governance



10 ects




Restricted elective European Union Law or                                               
Restricted elective International Law




5 ects







5 ects



Multidisciplinary perspectives on Multidimensional

Legal Orders    





5 ects


Master Thesis





 10 ects


Restricted elective European Union Law:


RM73  EU Competition Law                                                                      

RM72  From Market Citizen to Union Citizen - The Role and the Status of the Individual in EU law

RB55  Economic and Monetary Union and the European System of Financial Supervision 
RB36  Economic Analysis of European Integration 

Restricted elective International Law:


RM66  Human Rights in International Law                                                                

RM68  International Economic Law                                                           

RM58  International Criminal Law and Procedure   

RB56   International Law and the Environment