Ask a student

All these (former) students are willing to share their experiences with prospective students.
If you would like to contact one of these students, please contact eslenglishprogrammes@remove-this.law.eur.nl include the name and country of the student and we will provide you with his/her e-mail address.



  • Commercial & Company Law
    Wisnu Wardhana, Indonesia: "This program offers an excellent experience of study in the heart of the Netherlands." Read more testimonials..




  • Master Maritime & Transport Law (MTL)
    Kayleigh Melsted, Dutch-Icelandic: "The specialisation Maritime and Transport Law offers practical, relevant and high-quality education with a good mix of academic knowledge and practical skills." Read more testimonials..



  • International and European Public Law (IEPL)
    Sarah Reitema, Germany: "Without doubt, this master is of a very high quality, in all its aspects." Read more testimonials..




  • Arbitration and Business Law (ABL)                                                                               
     Mike Korres, Greece: "The small classes allow for constant interaction with the teaching professor and all students will finally get answers to their most deep inquiries" Read more  




  • European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE)
    Nir Yamin, Israel: "Now that I have graduated from the EMLE I can safely state that the program widens the views of whoever takes part in it. It adds important and valuable tools to one's professional toolkit, and not less importantly – enables one to learn a lot about the different cultures that take part in the program without prejudice and stereotypes, which is an undoubtedly a very unique experience that each of us has to grab in both hands when such opportunity runs across us." Read more testimonials..