Testimonials European Master in Law and Economics

Nir Yamin, Israel

LL.M. specialisation, European Master in Law and Economics
“Before entering the European Master in Law and Economics program, I had practiced law in Israel, in the Legal Department at the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, as a part of the legal staff of the Economic Affairs Committee. Drafting bills and regulations which have economic implications had inspired me to gain a more profound understanding of economics, and the benefits that economic analysis might yield when one seeks for the optimal law.

The academic curriculum and the courses of the EMLE program have thus naturally attracted my attention. Moreover, coming from Israel, the possibility of completing a Masters abroad at three different Universities, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with students from all over the world was particularly appealing, and I decided to apply. The program has far exceeded my expectations.

I spent my first trimester at the University of Bologna, in Italy. The beautiful cities of Italy and the Italian culture were a significant added value to the courses I had at the University. The program was structured as to first provide a sound economic basis for lawyers who had no such basis, so that we would be able to later use these tools to analyze different laws, from an economic perspective.

Armed with the tools I gained in Bologna, I then continued to the University of Ghent, in Belgium, and was eager to further explore law and economics. As a non European citizen, I was especially intrigued by the EC Treaty and its provisions. Therefore, I decided to write my master thesis on the economic analysis of the enforcement of State-Aid restrictions under the EC Treaty.

During my time in Ghent, I was selected to spend two months at the University of California, Berkeley and arrived at Boalt School of Law as a visiting student researcher, sponsored by Prof. Robert Cooter and Prof. Daniel Rubinfeld, and continued my research for the master thesis from there.

After the enriching experience of Berkeley, I came back to Europe and arrived at the University of Rotterdam. The high academic level of the professors, and the rich University library, have both served as an excellent platform to write my master thesis. Moreover, the social life that Rotterdam has to offer enabled us to go out a lot together and tighten the already close relationships. I truly believe that most of the people I had the privilege to spend time with will continue to be good friends of mine, and that we will keep in touch and visit each other in the future.

Now that I have graduated from the EMLE I can safely state that the program widens the views of whoever takes part in it. It adds important and valuable tools to one's professional toolkit, and not less importantly – enables one to learn a lot about the different cultures that take part in the program without prejudice and stereotypes, which is an undoubtedly a very unique experience that each of us has to grab in both hands when such opportunity runs across us."

Law and Economics student 2008/2009

Nicole Slack, USA

LL.M. specialisation, European Master in Law and Economics
"Before entering into the European Master Programme in Law and Economics, I had practiced law in the United States in the commercial litigation department of a large Chicago firm. At the time, I had no formal training in economics, however I was aware of the growing interest in the field of Law and Economics and was drawn to the Erasmus Program. "Coming from the United States, the possibility of completing a Masters abroad was particularly appealing. Additionally, the prospect of studying at different universities over three trimesters was unique to the Erasmus Program and I decided to apply. The EMLE Programme far exceeded my expectations.

"I spent the first trimester of the Masters at the University of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands. At the outset, I was a bit concerned about my economic background and the fact that my legal knowledge and experience were based on the common law system. After only a few weeks of classes in Rotterdam, my fears were allayed. In the first semester, the curriculum was structured to give students an introduction to law and economics and included a truncated course on the basics of Microeconomics. Although I found this course and many others challenging, the high quality of instruction I encountered in Rotterdam more than compensated for any of my deficiencies.

"I entered into my second and third trimester at the University of Bologna, Italy armed with the foundation needed to further explore Law and Economics. In Bologna, I was again stimulated by the courses and the various teaching styles I encountered.

"When I graduated from law school, I believed that the three years I spent studying law not only prepared me for legal practice, but provided me with the tools for a new way of thinking. I again experienced this sensation during the EMLE Programme.

"The EMLE Programme not only provides students with the fundamentals necessary to understand the law and economics line of study, but it gives a new perspective on law in general. In my own experience, I had studied Tort Law in law school and had worked on a number of different tort cases as my time as an attorney. However, after only a short course in Torts in the Masters program, I believe I have been exposed to an new resource for analysis, conceptualization and creative thinking in the practice of Tort Law. "Finally, in addition to the curriculum and the exposure to international perspectives of a diverse assortment of professors, I was continually impressed by the quality of students I encountered during my course of study. The in class and out of class discussions and contributions by the program students were a priceless compliment to the curriculum. "I highly recommend this program to prospective students!"

Law and Economics student 2003/2004

Simone Barth

LL.M. specialisation, European Master in Law and Economics
"I studied Law at the University of Augsburg in Bavaria (Germany) and I chose employment law as my specialization. During my time at the Gymnasium (German secondary school) I was internationally orientated: I participated in exchange programs. One of my hobbies is travelling. Besides that and studying I enjoy outdoor sports, reading and cultural activities. "The Law and Economics Programme came to my attention while researching international postgraduate educational opportunities. What interested me the most was the opportunity to combine legal and economic aspects in my academic as well as my professional life. I was hoping to have the opportunity to obtain a new academic perspective based in economics. I was very glad to be admitted to the programme, in which I attended classes as regularly as possible. What interested me the most with respect to the classes was the opportunity to work together with people from so many cultures. One of the best feelings was the fact that I did not feel competition with my fellow students at all.

"I spent the first two terms in Hamburg, and although I am German, going to a new city and meeting so many new people from so many different places was a new and exciting experience. The third term in Rotterdam was the most fun. I had the opportunity to get better acquainted with Dutch people and the Dutch culture. During times when we did not have classes, I took the opportunity to travel around Holland and getting to know both the popular tourist attractions and smaller towns as well. As I said, I was very pleased with my experience at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, where I stayed during the 3rd term. The educational system is very good as it gave students the opportunity to discuss the subject matter with the teachers and to develop their own ideas. I was really pleased with the fact that you could easily get in touch with the professors and other teachers, even outside the regular class hours.

"With respect to the thesis, written during the 3rd term in Rotterdam, all I can say is that I had the opportunity to work on an interesting topic with a great supervisor, Louis Visscher, who was really able to motivate me.

I came up with the topic while working on a project dealing with the EU Green Paper on products liability. The Green Paper presents a number of questions designed to determine whether or not the EU Directive on products liability functions according to its intended goals. The idea behind my thesis was to try to answer one of these questions from an economic standpoint, by using the tools gathered over the past months of studying Law and Economics. The co-operation with my supervisor was excellent in that he allowed me to develop my own ideas and that he took the time to discuss them with me. Louis also gave me a lot of comments and helped me with finding literature. He definitely encouraged me to go beyond myself.

"I count it among the great experiences of my life that I had the opportunity to study with and get to know people from all over the world during this programme. Both socially and academically we were able to find a common basis and still learn to appreciate our differences. I am especially pleased that I was able to form a number of meaningful friendships. I also want to expressly state that I think it is important that people from outside of Europe participated and continue to participate in the program. I realise that its a European masters programme, but I believe that extra-European participation enriches the learning for all involved. This is the only programme of which I am aware where you study, work and socialise with people from five different continents.

"Now I have finished the Law and Economics Programme I will go into business, although a career as a scholar would also be challenging. In fact I already started working as a lawyer at an international law firm in Stuttgart (Germany). Their main field of interest is products liability defence. "I learned a lot from the Law and Economics Programme. It widens your horizons not only with respect to your chosen profession, whether being a lawyer or an economist. In addition you learn a lot about the different cultures that take part in the program. You live and study together every day and thereby you learn about the different attitudes. Besides that it is a great way to improve your language skills regarding economic or law terms. And most important: it is a big chance to make friends from all over the world"

Law and Economics student 1999/2000

Jane Ho, Hong Kong

LL.M. specialisation, European Master in Law and Economics
"It has already been a whole year since the completion of my Erasmus Programme in Law and Economics. Having gained a wonderful academic and life experiences in Hamburg, Ghent and Manchester, I was back home and restarted the bustle of the Hong Kong working life while missing my days in the beloved Europe.

"Being a management consultant involved in Public Sector consulting assignments, I am lucky to be able to apply what I learnt from the year's training practically in my professional work. To me, one of the greatest learning from the year of research is that public policy and public regulation often cannot produce their intended objectives due to a negligence of the economic and behavioural effects on those regulated entities. While recognising there are many other aspects and concerns in the process of law and policy making, I find it fascinating to be able to grasp the tool and concepts in examining an important, if not the only one, factor influencing effectiveness of rules and regulations.

The Hong Kong government, during recent years, has been initiating a lot of studies to review on regulation and public administration system in different areas with the objectives to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of rules and public sector management. Many explicitly look for establishing more economic incentive measures and partnership relationships with the regulated instead of merely relying on monitoring and prosecution to achieve the regulating purposes.

"Although staying far away from the Erasmus Institutes, I am able to bring along with me the concepts, principals and analytical tools I have learnt. This knowledge enables me to critically examine the social, economic and political issues occurring in the World, a process which continues to enrich my understanding of how things operate."

Law and Economics student 1996/1997