Testimonial Master Maritime & Transport Law

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Kayleigh, Mayra and Aspasia are willing to share their experiences with you. If you would like to contact them, please contact eslenglishprogrammes@remove-this.law.eur.nl and we will provide you with their e-mail address(es).


Kayleigh Melsted, Dutch-Icelandic

LL.M. Commercial Law specialisation Maritime and Transport Law

"The specialisation Maritime and Transport Law offers practical, relevant and high-quality education with a good mix of academic knowledge and practical skills. The professors and lecturers are very dedicated and approachable. They provided us with studies of current legal problems such as multimodal transport, the liability regimes in the shipping and transport industry, the challenges of bills of lading and charter parties in modern shipping and many other interesting legal problems. Additionally, most courses offered us a number of valuable and beneficial company visits packed with networking opportunities and practical workshops, where we got the opportunity to solve these problems in practice. Due to the interactive setup of the master you get to know to know each other quickly."


Aspasia – Konstantina Karampetsou, Greece

LL.M. Commercial Law specialisation Maritime and Transport Law

"Studying Maritime & Transport Law in Rotterdam was one of the most challenging academic experiences I have ever had.  The fact that we were located in the city with the largest port of Europe gave us the opportunity to gain a small but important insight of many maritime legal procedures and operations. Apart from the typical university lectures, we had the chance to attend a variety of workshops to well–known maritime law firms and international companies as well as a maritime study trip to London. What I enjoyed most was the time spent with my new friends. It was a pleasure that I met so many people from different cultural backgrounds and I am very glad that we shared beautiful moments all together."

Mayra Manuela González Hernández, Mexico

LL.M. Commercial Law specialisation Maritime and Transport Law

"The specialisation Maritime and Transport Law provided me with an international academic experience. Furthermore, it allowed me to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The LL.M. gave me the opportunity to get to know a different area of Law, totally different from the Civil Private Law that I have practiced as a Lawyer in my home country México and the Public and Private Law that I studied in Spain. In the social aspect the LL.M. gave me the chance to meet people and the opportunity to increase my network. Therefore, I am confident that studying the specialisation Maritime and Transport Law is a great academic and social opportunity."