René Repasi gave keynote speech on Brexit at the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs

On Monday, 30 October, Dr. René Repasi, scientific coordinator of the European Research Centre for Economic and Financial Governance (EURO-CEFG) of the Universities of Leiden, Delft and Rotterdam and researcher at the Department of International and European Union law at ESL, delivered the keynote speech at the final EUNOR conference of the Norwegian Institute for International Affairs (NUPI) in Oslo on the EU perspective on Brexit.

The conference was dedicated to the impact of Brexit on Norway and on the European Economic Area (EEA) and was very well-attended. Amongst the 200 participants were members of the Norwegian government and Parliament as well as CEOs of Oslo based companies and ambassadors.

Dr. Repasi who already acted as an expert for the European Parliament and for the German Parliament on Brexit first outlined in his speech the withdrawal procedure under EU law before he described the negotiation goals of the EU and the current state of affairs. The discussion after the presentation turned around possible outcomes of the negotiations and the impact of Brexit on EEA. The Norwegian Institute for International Affairs put online a recording of the speech and of the discussion in Soundcloud:

Publicatiedatum: 13 november 2017