Mission and objectives

The fundamental premise underlying academic research conducted at ESL is that law cannot be considered in splendid isolation or as an end in itself. It is imbedded in an economic and social context that shapes law. At the same time, law itself shapes society and defines economic relationships. In line with this vision, the mission of ESL is to conduct innovative research on the function of law in its economic and social context. ESL research has a strong social and business-driven orientation. ESL is committed to promoting international and interdisciplinary research.

It is against this background that ESL has formulated objectives that form the basis for ESL research policy:

  • To conduct high-quality research that has high visibility and a solid reputation in the national and international academic community;
  • To achieve a significant impact as regards scientific publications in national and international refereed journals, along with monographs and edited volumes with leading national and international publishers;
  • To attract, develop, and retain talented researchers in all stages of their career;
  • To offer a high-quality and internationally competitive PhD programme in the Erasmus Graduate School of Law;
  • To offer legal education that reflects scientific insights on the part of ESL researchers.

More information on the ESL research programmes, can be found at: http://www.esl.eur.nl/onderzoek/research_programmes

April 2016