Grants & Prizes 2017-2016

Erasmus School of Law employs many researchers who are among the best in their respective fields, at both a national and international level. This is the full list of grants and prizes of our top researchers who have received prestigious awards, grants, and prizes for scientific achievements during their time at Erasmus School of Law. 

Erasmus China Law Centre
KNAW - China Exchange Programme 2017

Dr. Wouter Verheyen
EUR-Fellowship 2017

Prof. Pieter Huisman
NWO – NRO 2017

Dr. Alessandra Arcuri
EUR-Fellowship 2017

Prof. Fabian Amtenbrink & Dr. René Repasi
LDE Centre EURO CEFG 2017

Prof. Richard Staring
LDE Safety and Security Centre  2017

Prof. Xandra Kramer
ERC Consolidator Grant 2016

Prof. Fabian Amtenbrink, prof. Klaus Heine & prof. Gerard Meijer
Marie Curie ITN 2016

Prof. Ellen Hey
Honorary doctorate Stockholm University (2016)

Prof. Ruben Houweling, Dr. Gerdien van der Voet & Dr. Zef Even
Erasmus+ programme 2016

Prof. Elaine Mak

Prof. René van Swaaningen
Erasmus+ programme 2016

Dr. Maarten de Wilde
J.C. Ruigrok Prijs 2016