Research Programmes

Erasmus School of Law aims at having an international and interdisciplinary profile with a strong social and business-driven orientation.

This is reflected in the set-up and substance of the five research programmes and in the academic background of the researchers affiliated.

Behavioural Approaches to Contract and Tort: Relevance for Policymaking
This programme aims to develop the full potential of the interdisciplinary study of private law in Europe by integrating our strong points in law and economics, psychology, sociology, and the empirical study of private law generally, and thus affirm Erasmus School of Law as a European centre of excellence in the domain of European empirical legal studies.
Programme directors: Prof. dr. P. Mascini and Prof. dr. M.G. Faure LL.M.

Monitoring Safety and Security
This programme contributes to the safety and security of society, both by generating legal and social scientific knowledge for practice and by a critical assessment of the legal and societal implications relating to current modes of monitoring and enforcement.
Interim programme director (since 25 February 2013): Prof. dr. R.H.J.M. Staring.

Fiscal Autonomy and its Boundaries
This programme aims to provide for thorough tax research and to make a relevant contribution both to the academic body of knowledge and society.
Programme director: Prof. dr. S.J.C. Hemels.

Lex Mercatoria: Globalising Business Law in the 21st century
This programme aims to clarify the substance of and interaction between different aspects of business law, to identify and chart its unexplored parts, and to find solutions for its further development against the backdrop of business law's two primary functions in a globalising world.
Programme director: Prof. mr. B.F. Assink and Prof. mr. M.J. Kroeze.

Rethinking the Rule of Law in an Era of Globalisation, Privatisation and Multiculturalisation
This programme conducts high-quality, internationally oriented research on pertinent problems of the rule of law in today's world, from a specific interdisciplinary research perspective.
Programme director: Prof. mr. dr. H.S. Taekema.